Lily Surface Scraper 1.6.0

    Lily Surface Scraper now uses ieslibrary.com:

    Import lights into Blender like a Boss ;)

    Reached 250k

    That's it so far, can't find any new manufacturers...

    Favorite your items

    Now you are able to mark items as favorite.
    This is only available, if you are logged in.

    Reached 150k

    We have reached the 150000 mark. But there are still more manufacturers...

    Some Changes

    We improved the Detail-View by adding the tags for fast filter.

    Reached 140k

    By adding new manufacturers, we have reached 140k entries!

    Reached 125k

    We have reached 125k items, enjoy!

    New manufacturer added

    We added the Manufacturer Lightnet GmbH to our list with up to 6000 IES and LDT files
    See the previews here

    Tip #116

    Daniel Krafft talks about ieslibrary.com here:
    200+ Helpful Blender 3D Hacks in Under 1 Hour

    BUUUUUT you sould watch the whole video here:

    New language added

    The ies library is now available in german.

    Article on digitalproduction.com

    Digital Production wrote an article about ieslibrary
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    Reached 100k

    My computer sounds like a chopper, but hey, 100k!

    Emanuele Serra @ 3dart.it

    Emanuele Serra wrote an article at 3dart.it about ieslibrary
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    Help added

    We added some help-pages...

    Article in japanese

    CG Interest wrote an article about ieslibrary
    Read the article


    We just started a new community on GpsNose
    To join, just login with the mobile App.

    Steven Scott Tutorial

    Steven Scott shared a nice tutorial:
    How to use the ieslibrary in Blender 2.8x
    Watch the video

    Thx for this video Steven

    BlenderGuru Newsletter

    My hero Andrew Price added ieslibrary to his newsletter...
    This is so awesome! :D

    Read the newsletter

    CG Tricks video

    CG Tricks published a video about ieslibrary
    Watch the video

    Thx for your support!

    Allan Brito @ blender3darchitect.com

    Allan Brito wrote an article on blender3darchitect.com
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    +75k & Filter

    We reached +75k files and improved the website by adding tags

    +50k announcement

    We reached 50k files

    First announcement

    We announced the site with +30k files on blenderartists.org
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