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Digital wine labels from the Palatinate

From 8 December 2023, the new EU Regulation 2021/2117 will come into force. This will oblige wine producers who want to sell their products in Europe to disclose the ingredients of their wines to the consumer.

With, our innovative online platform by QUADRONET and SwissCode, we proudly present an elegant way to present wines in a very special way. Through our sophisticated software, winemakers from across the EU can effortlessly generate QR codes for their wine labels. This allows them to provide valuable information about the wine to the consumer in a straightforward way.

This information includes aspects such as residual sweetness, alcohol content, acidity, vintage, shelf life and flavour profile of the wine. In addition, the digital wine label includes information on nutritional values, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilisers, acidity regulators, recycling information where applicable and a full list of ingredients. All this information is provided in 24 different EU languages.

In addition, we offer an automated translation function for the product title, description and grape variety. This allows the winemaker to decide independently whether his wine should be displayed with all information in all available languages.

In the development of our software, our focus was always on making the wine label quickly accessible. We are proud to have achieved an impressive score of 100% with Google's renowned "PageSpeed Insights" tool.

The speed proves particularly advantageous in areas with unreliable mobile phone connections. Our label always loads quickly and only takes up a maximum size of 70 kilobytes. In comparison, we have discovered examples among competitors that have a size of 1-7 megabytes.

Qr-code scan statistics for your wine

Our integrated analytics function, which complies with EU regulations, allows winemakers to accurately monitor the frequency and timing of QR code scans of their wines.

In addition, the statistics provide information on the total number of QR codes created and show when the quota has been exhausted.

Project type: Design, Photography, Concept, TYPO3, Extension programming

  • Technical implementation of the website with the content management system TYPO3
  • Programming of 3 extensions for the online platform
  • E-label editor for the wines, statistics module for the scanned QR codes and automated language translation with for the wine description
  • Extensive speed optimisation for the entire system
  • Integration of a DSVGO-compliant info letter / newsletter with automated dispatch
  • Registration and login for protected areas - E Label Editor
  • An ABO administration for the labels including payment methods
  • Support module for the logged-in winegrower
  • Implementation of multilingualism for the platform in three languages
  • Multilingualism of the wine label in 24 EU languages
  • Production and integration of learning videos for the e-label editor
  • Creation of favicons for all devices, Mac, Windows, IPHONE etc.
  • The system is configured in such a way that all images on the website are delivered in the new WEBP image format.